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October 15, 2010


Sam Jones

I am entirely amenable to winning via video.

Sam Jones

Oh, and to answer the question: If I can wrap it up as "one item," I would take a durable notebook and writing implement, for recording my adventure.

Failing that, I would take a substantial blade.


I really, really enjoyed this book-- I don't need a copy but I want to say that I think this is hands-down my favorite book of the year.

Giada M.

I would love to be entered, if this contest is international. To answer the question...I would take a pocketknife. It can be useful for many things! >_<

Thank you!

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

Scot Kaeff

Insulin...'cuz without that, I'm dead within a few days even if I do manage to skin me a grizzly & dry the hide to use as a cloak, catch some rabbits to use as sustenance and elude the natives that would obviously want to use me as both a cloak and sustenance for themselves.

HC Hush

A water generator. Yes there is such a thing.

Robert Behlke

What one thing Would I take. . . . I would take what every explorer and astronaut have taken with them when they have crossed into the blank spaces on the map. My Swiss Army knife.

Sterling Price-McKinney

I would take my trusted companion and colleague, Dixie Lee. To the naked eye she may seem like a tiny mongrel dog, but her powers to warm the coldest heart and tame the wildest attack make her an invaluable asset... ANYWHERE.


I'd take a sword with me. I can use it as a knife, as a firestarter and as protection.

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