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November 23, 2010



I've always had a thing for post-apocalyptic Buenos Aires...I blame Robotech's Southern Cross & Gene Wolfe's Books of the New Sun.

That being said, Brooklyn For Life. Or, Unlife, I suppose I should say.

Linda Carey

Ride the air currents of British Columbia as a vampire? Place me in Vancouver and I'd be happy to be one! Looking forward to this tale!


It sounds like it has a bit in common with Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling...only with vampires instead of an evil Russian empire. It sounds like it's worth a read.


First off - Hello - new to your site. :)

Well - I guess I would be hunted then, or eaten or I would be a vampire because I would still live in Europe, because I know my way around there. LOL. Can't decide on a city. Maybe I would continue living in my little german hometown. Chances are that you could hide better. *gg*

Thanks for the great contest. Book sounds awesome.


Melbourne is supposed to be pretty and I wouldn't have to learn a new language.


You can't ski at the equator. Sign me up for Vampire in the Alps!

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