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November 24, 2010



I have to admit, I've always been a bigger fan of pantheons-- even in DnD & like to make seemingly ill-fitting pantheons-- like Asmodeus & Pelor as brothers with Bane & Erathis as the evil & good children of Asmodeus. Isn't that a more fun thing than just a plain old "cleric of Erathis?"


Ha! I almost started to compare it to a DnD world, but stopped myself before I wandered too far off the path. (I am not the expert on these things in my house, so I'd probably get it all wrong anyway...)

zeb cook

I'm going with Amon, because it has a perfectly respectable Egyptian ring to it and it's got the word "Scholar". If I'm dealing with ancient cults I want the wherewithal to unearth those ancient long forgotten secrets.

David "Zeb" Cook


Oh-- I want to withdraw myself from the contest, only because I'm affiliated with the publisher & that wouldn't be fair. I stand by my answer, though!


I think I'd go with Amon the Scholar, just because it sounds like that cult would have all the best secrets. I'd be concerned that Alexander's secrets might all be snake oil.

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