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December 06, 2010


John Leavitt

Al Swearengen from Deadwood. One of the best tv characters of all time.

Russell Jones

gotta say Doc Holliday - the complexity and confusion surrounding him has always intrigued me.


Definitely Jesse James.


I played a Deadlands game where I mashed up a Fox Mulder clone in the Weird West. That was a nice time. As for my favorite-- I like to imagine out of place characters in the West-- Adam Frankenstein (the monster) may be a bit early, but I like to imagine him emerging from the frozen north, across the Canadian tundra, & down into the Badlands, six-shooters in hand...

Heather Dunbar

So hard to chose... I'd probably say Wyatt Earp.

James Lanaghan

James West, from the TV series Wild Wild West

Lynn Faitsch

Wild Bill Hicock.

Tyler Childers

As Mordicai speaks of in a past comment, my favorite Western character is from a series of Deadlands games I ran with friend. Doubleback Jack McGuinnuess (and of course his cousing Twitch) Jack was a man best exemplified by the song, Big Strong Man. Had an arm like a leg and punch that could sink a battleship. A massive man mountain. And as dumb as a sack of hammers, warped broken hammers. He could take horrible amounts of punishment, and call to his cousin, "Twitch, I think I might be hurt a mite."
Twitch, of course, loved dynamite. Not just appreciated it. Loved it. And in the Weird West, two fellas like that could never sit still for long.
They met up with a pack of jackelopes and insisted that they only had a bad case of "antler ear". And there was more good eatin' on the head than you would think.


Tough one. I'd have to say Zorro... does he count as Wild West?


I was a fan on Emily Edwards from The Native Star

Page Turner

Josephine (Josie) Marcus Earp, frontier actress, invented herself and then re-invented Wyatt Earp as a Wild West icon. Judging from an alleged picture of Josie that surfaced in recent years, if she doesn't appear in "The Buntline Special," Mike Resnick missed a genuine opportunity to put some "steam" in steampunk! Edison and Buntline wouldn't have stood a chance Josie Marcus Earp!


Real: Jesse James. Imagined: Jonah Hex

Nike Jordan

A man doesn't automatically get my respect. He has to get down in the dirt and beg for it.

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