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May 10, 2011


Alden Ash

If they are not random coincidences ley lines were created by time traveling storytellers to give authors a device they can use in their books.


Ley lines are a physical manifestation musical/mathematical/mystical Pythagorian order, a compulsion to builders of monuments they feel from listening to the music of the angels as they turn the spheres.

Actually, I think they are random coincidences, but the other explanation is more fun.

Nicole Dunlap

Haha, I have no theory of ley lines, other than their being random. To tell the truth, I'll probably google ley lines right after I'm done typing this...

Tyler Childers

Things are never what they appear. This is the universal condition when all things are in flux. You assume that just because we live on the planet, that it belongs to us. That assumption is not only wrong, it is completely necessary. The less you know, the better. We see microcosmic life all the time now. But what about the macrocosm? How much of the universe goes by without us seeing it? Does all that stuff still happen? Matter is energy, energy is matter. I've said to much. You'll just unravel the whole thing...

Or it could be that I'm a liar.

Page Turner

Ley lines are the avenues of travel between the Known World and the Realm of Faerie that permit the Seelie Court to pass freely on their business between our world, at the end of time, and theirs, where time stands still. The fabric that separates our worlds is thinnest where ley lines cross, permitting Faerie magick to bleed into our dreary reality in ways both astonishing and menacing-- to the discomfort of those who maintain order in the Realm of Faerie! Should you pass through intersecting ley lines under a full moon, you'll find yourself with pockets full of gold and a crown of silver moonbeams-- but fall asleep there and you may awake years later with dry leaves in your pocket and cobwebs in your hair...and wistful but troubling memories of a night of frenzied dancing with partners of transcending beauty.

Barry Huddleston

I'm not sure but I think that there must be a cosmic joke in there somewhere ...


Oooh, I just love Page Turner's explanation... Its sooo brilliant!

I'll have to come up with something different... Navigational lines full of mystic energy that ancient dragons used to orient themselves. Ever since the dragons dissapeared from Earth the lines started to decay and many of the waypoints crumbled or were destroyed, ths breaking the delicate arcane telluric circuitry and disabling the network...

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