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October 28, 2011


Alden Ash

Since you already brought up the gatling gun idea, how about a portable (backpack?) water canon/gun that spews garlic-laced holy water?


I would like a steam-driven solar collector, which charges during the day and then can release a burst of sunlight energy at night.


The usual anti-undead munitions, delivered in an unsuspected packaging; perhaps via puppet

Delilah Moran

mmm...perhaps some type of gun that uses rounds infused with holy water, or something like a flamethrower, but shoots steam instead of fire. After all, both can be quite damaging.

Page Turner

“The vampire is a worthy opponent,” intoned Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat to the enthralled sportsmen gathered around him in the salon. “Cloves of garlic and stakes through the heart are old wives’ tales and offer no protection. Only silver is proof against the monsters,” he said, indicating his silver cravat pin, shirt studs and cuff links with a sweeping gesture. “And best of all,” he said, removing the varnished lid of the mahogany pistol box to reveal a gleaming handgun of titanic proportions, “is this pistol of my own design and manufacture for hunting the vampire: The LeMat, with nine silver bullets in .42 caliber in the cylinder and a single load of 16 gauge silver buckshot in the smoothbore tube below. “ Dr. LeMat smiled grimly at his audience. “Should nine silver bullets prove inadequate to the task, than you are either a poor marksman or cursed with wretched luck. In that event, you may use the 16 gauge buckshot load in one last attempt to slay the monster-- or turn it upon yourself to escape the inevitable outcome of your failure.”


Right, all the good options are already taken. I'll have to blame the 'flu for that, nice of it to keep me off the net all week.

OK, so... Let's make it a clockwork automaton, 3 meters tall. Silver-lined armour, with silver-tipped spikes all around. Automatic, steam-powered stake launcher in one arm; flame-thrower in the other one. This is an automaton, so why are we going to limit ourselves to two arms? Why don't we throw in two more, say with a spring-action holy water redome dispenser for good measure, plus a liiiitle chainsaw too?

And let's call it Buddy!

Sean Harrison

I would like a gun that combines the water gun idea with a rapid fire crossbow, each powered by a steam-powered backpack that rapidly reloads both types of ammo.

Don Beyer

Cannon with grapeshot at close range. If it survives... it deserves it.

Barry Huddleston

Spring-loaded walking stick with wooden spikes. Surprise!

Toni Porter

A steam powered, flying saw that could cut a vampire's head clean off. It would have a quick recall so you could easily deploy it again and again.

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