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October 17, 2011


Alden Ash

I think the be-goggled, eccentric inventor who inadvertently goes on adventures and consequently saves the world would be just fine.


Hmmm... since the inventor is already taken, I'd make do with the talented mechanic who acts as sidekick. After all, it's a well-known fact that sidekicks are the ones who do save the day! :)

Jay Noel

I would be a hot-shot gunslinger, complete with gun sleeves and a mini gun that pops out of my boots.

Diane U

I would be Dianna Riggs only Steampunk. Still the coolest gal ever.


Sky Admiral Jules Verne piloting a zeppelin airship solo... Nemo-style!

Cristian I

Evil genius with a superiority complex...and please, pleeeeease give him at least few years of world domination. I would like to see a master plan that actually works.

Cristian I

PS...You guys really need a header for this page :)). Why don't you make a contest for it with a book prize? Just an idea.

Page Turner

The air crackled with over-charged electrical ions and shimmered with super-heated steam vapor as the field of Vanderbilt Cup racers lunged across the starting line in an aromatic cloud of castor-bean lubricants. Pete Moss, goggles firmly in place, his hands sure upon the wheel and throttle of his low-slung Edison-Oldfield electric roadster, effortlessly led the charge down the front straight of the high-banked board track. Intent on manhandling his skidding roadster into the first turn, Moss was oblivious to the frantic efforts of his riding mechanic-engineer to draw his attention to the menacingly black Rennwagen Dampf-Spinne closing rapidly on his left flank.


@Cristian I -- Now there's a capital idea! We've got some plans for the future, but hadn't thought of that option. Thanks!


I like a femme fatale that everyone thinks is innocent but in actuality is brilliant and devious.

Cristian I

@Jinnet Actually the idea came from you in a way.To explain: My english is not my first language and you use the word "drawing" in every post, in bold font...:))

Don Beyer

Gunslinger dressed in black with modified '73 Colt SAA keeping' the peace.

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