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October 26, 2011


Alden Ash

This still sounds like an interesting read, so please count me in!


Let me take the opportunity then to invite your readers to participate in a photo contest I'm conducting: We're giving away a brand new Amazon Kindle Fire to one lucky participant. Just upload your favorite Steampunk Halloween Photo (costumes, props, etc) and/or cast votes (one per day) for your favorites. Deadline: 11/05/2011. Here's the contest URL:


John Leavitt

This one has been on my to-read list for a while. Maybe I'll get lucky here and it'll make it to the top.


Soooo, since I didn't win it last time, I'll try again. That, and I think I'll try and enter all the giveaways, of course! ;)

Gerard Quinn

Super cover image!

Page Turner

You could hear the player's cascading horn riffs from a block away; his sparkling music never failed to put a spring in my step and smile on my lips. Whenever I passed him perched on his over-turned fruit crate near the curb, a war veteran to judge from his tattered greatcoat with its row of fading campaign ribbons, feeding grains of charcoal into the tiny furnace firing the boiler that powered his steam-assisted double-bell Euphonium, I always dropped a few coins into the bucket by his knee. To do so lifted my soul. The music he coaxed from the Euphonium was other-wordly, an auditory glimpse into a future of sparks and chrome. His gift was undeniable and rumor had it that he had made a deal with Lucifer himself, signed and sealed at Midnight on a lonely crossroads. One thing was certain: Just to look at him, you knew the horn was his ruin...

Don Beyer

What? A steampunk book I don't already own? How can that possibly be?

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