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October 28, 2011


Page Turner

My thanks to you, M'Lady Librarian, for rounding up marvelous new steampunk reads and making them freely available to we who visit your blog regularly to keep up to date on the latest of interest in our alternative universe. M'Lady, you are a credit to the library profession and I wish there were more like you in this day and age--or any other, for that matter!

However, I must challenge all of you, my "es-steamed" colleagues who enter these book contests, to be more inventive and creative with the entries that you post. As a cadre of devoted steampunkers, we owe M'Lady Librarian something more entertaining than terse one-liners in response to her generous spirit. Strap those goggles snugly in place, grip your fountain pens tightly, and step boldly into the literary breach once more, dear friends. As I tell my associates, "Now is the time to wow each other!"

Cristian I

@Page Turner Steamy style is subject to subjectivity.

Gerard Quinn

The Noble Librarian, the Acolyte at the Temple of Knowledge, the doughty warrior with a blade of truth, standing at the gate and thrusting back the hordes of ignorant barbarians who would plunder us of our heritage. Hail, Great High Priestess of Wisdom!

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