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October 20, 2011


Alden Ash

After setting down with my zeppelin, if I were to drink perhaps I would try some Kraken Rum if they had in the land-locked saloon. Regardless I would expect some rousing ragtime on the piano.

Gerard Quinn

I'd order a sarsparilla in a dirty glass.


Tea. From the furthest corner of the Empire.


I'd order my favorite - absinthe. And not that fake stuff either!

Cathy Ward

Gerard stole my answer but I have to second his. Or I can always go for the plain old "Whiskey, barkeep!"

Page Turner

It was a steamy night in the Sheik of Araby, the usual rough crowd packing the path to the mile-long bar. I threaded my way through swaying throng, my left hand caressing the brass air-pistol hidden in my weskit pocket while I twirled the index finger of my raised right hand in concentric circles to attract the bar-man's attention. In response to his questioning eyebrow, I called, loudly, "I'll have a Josie Earp." When his other eyebrow lifted in perplexity, I said "That's just a little something neat with a splash of Early times to remind me of happier days."


Hmmm... Rat Puke. Don't have it? OK, make it Scorpion Venom. Neither? Oh well, I'll have to settle for milk then! ;)

Cristian I

I imagine a big scary looking guy kicking the door open, walks to the bar getting everybody under the tables with his looks, slaps a coin on the counter and asks for a Shirley Temple.

Don Beyer

Barkeep: sarsaparilla please!


A glass of your best beer! Just one, mind you. Don't want to get drunk and be killed by the Doc for upsetting his table!

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