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October 12, 2011


Alden Ash

Zeppelins. More zeppelins.

Jean Hontz

I finished Ghosts of Manhattan only yesterday! w00t!

Jean Hontz

Let's try this again and this time get the email addy in there.

Professor Morrow

I think a giant Tesla Cannon would look great (and amazingly dystopian) shoulder mounted on the Statue of Liberty.


Steampowered taxi cab and drivers. They will be fast, reliable and you know you will never get ripped off.


More Bieber - Steamy Baby Concerts in MSG!


BRASS Statue of Liberty?


I see that I am not alone in wanting the zepplin mooring dock on the Empire State Building reactivated.


Oh yes, I'll have just another cup of George Mann anytime, please.

Hmmm... What about a flooded Manhattan with paddled steamers moving cargo and passengers along?

It's either that or zeppelins, of course!


The Statue of Liberty should be a massive defense automaton.

Margaret Fisk

Replace the subway with a steam-powered locomotive that can use the water that backs up in the tunnels as a fuel source instead of shutting down.


I was going to say make the top of the Chrysler building brass and copper. ;) I love the last two comments before mine though.

Page Turner

Travel by submersible is hardly scenic but it is the quickest way up the Hudson to the City docks. From there, if not in a hurry, one may readily flag down a cab or hansom for the desultory ride into mid-town Manhattan. But, when time is of the essence or one is tardy for an appointment, nothing surpasses the pneumatic tube transfer system for rapid transit. A single token dropped in the slot suffices to gain entrance to a solo travel capsule and then, thanks to the motive power of air and steam, the rider is transported to his destination in a heart-beat. Hardly time enough to become disoriented, claustrophobic, or even wrinkle a well-cut serge sack suit.

Don Beyer

External elevators on skyscrapers operated by electric winches. The gentile may observe the finery of architecture close up!

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