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August 21, 2012


Ricky Brown

Descending the depths of the Great Lakes in a submersible to explore many of the historical shipwrecks could inspire endless adventures, the likes to impress even Captain Nemo.

Alden Ash

It is the only way to get to my secret lair where I plot with my minions to take over the world and get the girl.


Are we allowed to be nonsensical in our answers? If so, I would commission a submarine to explore the Moon's Sea of Serenity. Why? To find serenity, of course! I am on a seemingly endless quest for serenity. Maybe it lies there?

I hope I find a competent submarine captain, as I do want to avoid the Moon's Sea of Crisis and, of course, its Sea of Fertility. It would be ok if we took a quick dive into the Sea of Nectar, though.

Thanks! Cassandra


Sounds like a great book.
I'd go to the bottom of Lake Chelan in Washington State. It's 50+ miles long and very, very deep. I'd go there out of Just plain curiosity.


I'd go and search for Atlantis oh via the Great Barrier Reef of course - probably pop past and check out the Titanic while I'm there too!

Renee G

I would take my submarine and explore the underwater sculptures of Jason deCairestaylor. I just saw some pictures of his work and now I want to see them all.

AHMSI complaints

This is definitely a very interesting topic to discuss. This is great take on sea adventure in the 1900s. I like the steampunk flare. Keep up the great work!

Robert Behlke

I'd travel along the cannels of Mars, simply because they, and we all know which they I'm talking about, don't want us to know that they're actually up there.

Prof. Moniker

Why I would travel to Atlantis, of course. Have a cup of tea with the Altantians and bring back some of the fabled oricalcum to power my tinkerings.


I would take the submarine to Loch Ness, to find Nessie!

Page Turner

A fair wind speeds our schooner-rigged sailing-submersible south from Bermuda, but soon we will lower our sails and fold the masts in their tabernacle mounts as we prepare to dive deep into the fabled Triangle in search of answers to ancient mysteries. With our submersible’s tireless gills and electric motors powered by batteries now fully charged by the windmills atop our mastheads, my plucky crew is prepared to see this task to a successful conclusion!

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