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August 28, 2012



My first act as World Empress would be to dismantle all government. I would appeal to the good natures of my employers (my constituents) and urge them to rethink the need for leadership. I would ask them to consider why they choose to hand over power to an imperfect human being? I would then retire my post and watch as humans lived in their natural states. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

Either that, or I would become drunk with power, destroy my enemies and steal food (wages) from the mouths (hands, wallets, bank accounts) of the governed. Live in opulent decadence and then assuage my guild by blaming the victims. Kind of exactly what our government does today, the status quo. Teehee

Prof. Moniker

I feel like I'd prefer be a shadow emperor of the world. Running everything secretly and enjoying all the benefits without the constant assassination attempts, media drama, and invasions of privacy. On the contrary I would be the one assassinating my enemies, causing media drama without drawing attention to myself and invading everyone's privacy. I conjure that I'd have complete control over the internet so I'd have unrestricted access to all of the information in the world and would put it to good use.


I would put a ban on all technical advances outside of my own personal indulgences and make ownership of any electronic reading device punishable by death. Then I would mandate the study of science fiction in literature as a required course of study in every curriculum.
Trees. They’re not just for producing oxygen; they provide the necessary materials for books too!
All hail the Mighty Page-Turners!

Alden Ash

I think I would prefer to stay in the background, letting Sir Reginald be the benevolent dictator and The Steampunk Librarian as the Royal Librarian. ;) Steampunk for Everyone! (including vampires)

Page Turner

“A relentless enemy, greater by far than the hungry anger that has joined human and vampire in centuries of endless bloodletting now threatens our world. As races forced apart by darkness and daylight, we cannot alone and of ourselves defend against the legions of this sinister threat. For each to survive, we must set aside our ageless quarrel and fight this common enemy shoulder to shoulder. Do we have any choice but to mix hot red, blood and cool crimson wine together in a single quaff of trust and friendship? Without each other, we cannot and will not survive. Will you, the princes of the night, join us, the lords of sunlight? With fang and fist together, we must proclaim this world ours and ours alone! Come, let us drink!”

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