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September 18, 2012


Alden Ash

Oh yes! All of them please!


Ghost of War and Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon.

Sir Reginald PP 3

Pip pip and all that rot! Sir Reginald Pudding Pop III here! Popping in from the ether-steamer-stupor-sphere to urge more entries! Come on now lads and lasses, fill my hat with some crackin' entries!

(euphemisms may or may not apply)

Page Turner

The details of my technical assistance to the Principality and the events surrounding my apprehension and detention in the Croatian despot's prisoner of war camp are classified by Her Majesty's government and likely to remain so. However, finding myself at loose ends upon my release from that abysmal hell-hole, I determined to approach the "Society of Steam" with a proposal for a expedition of discovery: Indeed, and at last, an "Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon!" Apart from the privations of starvation rations, sleep deprivation, and daily beatings, there is no better place than a prisoner of war camp to provide opportunity and focus for planning an expedition down to the most minute detail.

Eldritch Monkey

All of them! Please and thank you. :)


Any and all of them please! Thanks so much!

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