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November 06, 2012


Alden Ash

Ahh - to visit a world where I am fabulously wealthy and it rains donuts ...


Lately I'd love to be in a world that isn't full of hateful political commercials and annoying phone calls. Otherwise, I'd love to visit a world similar to what King Arthur's era always looks like in movies and television shows.


I'd love to live in a world where I wasn't allergic to my cat.

Kelli Land

I would deeply cherish the thought of vising a world of truth, of dreams, of equality, and perhaps the occasional unicorn.
But, I must add, I would only *live* in this world, in my life.


I would love to visit a world that was more ecology-minded, maybe more agricultural, and where there were no corporations poisoning it and us. Like a medieval world but with modern technology?

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