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January 29, 2013


Alden Ash

I thought of a blaster ("Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side."), or a Tesla Gun from Warehouse 13, but the best thing to take to a gun fight with real, metal guns and bullets would be a Mistborn Allomaner from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series - as long as he/she was on my side!

Alden Ash

*Allomancer, not Allomaner :)

Joshua S. Fields

They tell you to never bring a knife to a gunfight. Not sure why that is. I'd take something like this and hedge my bets: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/003/7/4/real_gunblade____by_selecthumor-d36dw4c.jpg

Eldritch Monkey

I'd bring someone who can actually win in a gun fight. Given my reflexes, or the lack there of, this would be the best use of my time and skill set.


I'd bring an invisibility cloak so the other guy has no idea where to shoot.


I'd bring a ray gun that immobilizes them (freeze ray?), and then take all their guns away from them!


I'd bring a number of well-armed friends. I'm not above cheating in a gunfight!

Gordon Steadwood

A mark VII Delameter and some dureum armour!!!

keith stewart

A bulletproof vest.

George LaVigne

I'd bring a time traveling police box.

Page Turner

There’s a saying ‘round here that winter on the high plains is colder than a gravedigger’s toes on the Yukon. Well, I’ve never been panning gold up in the territory, but I can tell you that when the north wind roars down the timber line, it’ll drive the stock into a scrum up against the corral and fill the bunkhouse to overflowing with cowhands blowing in from the cold. Nothing much to do when the snow flies here but work our leathers and flap our jaws, so I guess that’s why the chatter turned to the best weapon to tote to a gunfight.

Now, there’s some what held that a Colt Peacemaker or, better yet, a pair of same, is what you need to fill your hands when you‘re in the dill. Others argued in favor of the merits of a 12-guage double-barreled coach gun to even the odds when the wheels come off in a hurry. I tucked my lips behind my walrus mustache and just sat there reading the latest yellow-backed steam punk novel from back east until one of the boys called out, “Hey there, Lefty, get your nose out of that book and tell us you’d pack to a shoot-out!”

I looked up. “You ever seen my fast draw?“ As they all waited in breathless anticipation, I grinned and said, “Now, do you want to see it again?”


a rifle and a bulletproof vest :)

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