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February 12, 2013


Alden Ash

If I were crossing a desert, besides a steampunked means of transportation I don't know that I would want much from the genre in the desert. Looking to other sources I would probably take a solar-powered laptop with internet, music, movies, games and books to start. While not pleasant, a working stillsuit would be nice to have. As to food, it would depend on the length of the journey. Some milk and BooBerry cereal would be nice to have, if possible.


A solar powered still to reclaim water, perhaps like the Fremen Stillsuit.


Being the practical & boring sort.. I'd choose to bring a fairly large umbrella (going to need shade in that desert)and some sort of hand tool to dig or plant if need be. :)

Jp Carney

Assuming I have the means of transport (ie, I'm not walking), I would bring poles and fabric (silk, canvas?) to make a large tent to sleep under and wrap me and the transport to protect during a sand storm.


A solar-powered desert bike....with ample supplies of water and sunscreen and a hat and umbrella (all in it's saddlebags). :)

Or maybe just a satellite phone to call for a cab.


Oh, but instead of carrying something, I'd let myself be carried by a sandworm, of course!

OK, so I've already won one book, but I want The Steam Mole so I have an excuse to buy Cuttlefish too. No shame, I'm afraid.

Good luck to everyone.

Eldritch Monkey

I'd bring a fully stocked Bag of Holding. Don't leave home without it!

Danielle Stewart

A notebook.

Movers San Antonio

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