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February 19, 2013


Jean Hontz

I read The Half-Made World and loved it. I hope this one is as good!


The birth control pill is my favorite invention of this century, for many reasons, selfish and unselfish.


The microwave is one of my favorite inventions this century!

Joshua S. Fields

My favorite 19th Century invention has to be the safety pin.

Alden Ash

This is very un-steampunk, but my favorite invention of the last century can be summed up in one word: Plastics.


Waterman's fountain pen is my favorite!

Laura Morrigan

I would love to win it, it sounds fascinating!

I think that most household appliances were really important for how they decreased a woman's workload so that she could do something other than clean or wash all day. So I would have to say The washing machine. Or possibly the hoover/ vaccuum.

Page Turner

Oh, to fly in a steam-powered aeroplane! I’ve waited simply ages for the thrill of a lifetime and it happened today. After weeks of anticipation, fueled by the local papers and flyers nailed to every tree and, telegraph pole and fence post for miles around, those barnstorming Besler brothers finally arrived here in Oakland with their marvelous invention, the steam-powered aeroplane! So quiet, so efficient, and such a marvel of ingenuity and engineering. Surely the age of steam-powered flight has dawned at last!

Paul Payne

I believe the greatest invention has to be from 1953. The invention of the first musical synthesizer not only brought us, arguably, the best era of music... yes, I am referring to 1980's techno pop. The synthesizer has also indelibly branded our auditory recounting of electro-beam weaponry as well as ionic flux pulse engines.

Professor Moniker

My favorite invention is the internet. That is all.

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