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March 05, 2013


RL Brown

The ideal lair (cuz that’s how I role) would be in the bowels of the local library. Nobody would suspect the evil shenanigans that could arise from beneath such a traditional house of knowledge. All the while, I would have the vast collection of information at my twisted fingertips. And best of all, I’d get to recruit a few librarians as my minions.


My hideout would be beneath the University where I work by day. The University is a city unto itself right in the heart of the big city, and it has all the resources I would need. Blending in with students and faculty would be easy!


Oh, yes! In the Catacombs of Paris!!!

But now that I think of it, lots of people know them... Therefore as a villain I'd have to slain anyone who wanders in, mwahahaha!!!

Seriously though, I love this series. I remember finding myself reading the first book and thinking, "Am I really enjoying a steampunk superhero book? Yes, I am! And it's fun!"

As always, many thanks for the giveaways.

Eldritch Monkey

Using advanced Science given to me by my Future Self, I'd design my laboratory to be one second out of sync with our timeline. I'd always know what was coming and it could never quite catch up wtith me. Mwahahahahaha! *cough*

Page Turner

Whenever Ludwig, the Mad Duke, becomes too curious about my research, necessity becomes the mother of invention, indeed. And I have to find inventive ways to hide from his prying “Eyes.” Soon or later, his snoopers find my earth-bound lairs, as they did the grotto and the tree-house. However, my steam launch and my airship have become equal to the task; now, when I need to avoid his clutches, I simply depart, leaving the Mad Duke's raving rage in my wake.

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