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October 14, 2013


Alden Ash

First off, a visit to the Valley of the Kings. (It is on my bucket list regardless of the era or reality.) After that, I MUST visit the Library of Alexandria, even if I have to discover it myself first. Along the way, I will keep an eye out for any stargates, lost arks and golden bridges to Heliopolis, all while avoiding mummies (I hate mummies).


Argh! Every single time I spend more than one week without checking your site, this happens to me! And to add insult to self-inflicted injury, I loved the first book of the series!

(Bangs his head in desperation against the walls).

So, this is late, but in my opinion, what's not to visit in Egypt? Alexandria, Cairo, the pyramids and the Sphinx, the Karnak and Luxor temples... And the Abu Simbel temple in its original location! Nice to have an airship to take one from one place to another.

But don't count me in, since I am not following the rules...

Steampunk Librarian

Well, as luck would have it, there are two entries in the giveaway, and two copies of the book! Alden Ash will get the hardcover, and the paperback advance will go to soundofthunder. Thanks!


Wow, thanks! You two are the best, Jinnet (but don't tell Sir Reginald I said so).


Oops, sorry, I forgot: I still have the same address. Please let me know if you don't have it.

And thanks again. You're truly the best!

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