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November 12, 2013


Gerard Quinn

Thanks for another contest. My "bone to pick" is the general inattention to American poets of the era. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. qualifies as a steampunk poet in my opinion, with The Wonderful One-horse Shay a nice rumination upon, inter alia, technology that abruptly goes kablooey:

Have you heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay,
That was built in such a logical way
It ran a hundred years to a day,
And then, of a sudden, it— ah, but stay,
And I'll tell you what happened without delay,
Scaring the parson into fits,
Frightening people out of their wits,
Have you ever heard of that, I say?
End of the wonderful one-hoss shay,
Logic is logic. That's all I say.

D Tucker

While not considered "high poetry", I cannot imagine where we would be without the influence of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. Probably no Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, or Roald Dahl - among many others. Children's literature would be decades behind where it is, and the world would be a bleaker place.


I am a huge fan of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Anyone who likes the likes of E.E. Cummings is bound to find a familiar mind with Hopkins. Most of the Victorians seem to be Romantics, with rather fixed styles and high language; Hopkins likes to experiment with new forms, unusual combinations of words and sounds, and interesting imagery.

Professor Moniker

My daughter loves The Flyaway Horse by Eugene Field which is squarely in the era. I've always had a soft spot for Poe, which is somewhat pre/early Victorian era, mostly from my angsty teenage days but I do really enjoy his short stories too. The Gold Bug is still one of my favorite mystery stories.

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